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Talks & Workshops

Talks & Workshops

Over years of research, adventures and success, David Hyner has helped thousands of people to tap into the mindset of the worlds highest achievers and most effective performers, and use these principles to improve their own performance. He gives your delegates the inspiration to take MASSIVE action!

“SMART”  – how to set MASSIVE goals !

The secret, proven behaviours behind top achievers success
Confidence to set and achieve “MASSIVE” goals
Assumptions vs truth and how to smash procrastination
An understanding of how to look into rather than look up to successful people
PURPOSE: Because top achievers know “why” they do what they do
How “smart” goals set us up for mediocrity… at best!
Rhino time!, and how to avoid the cows… and a call to action like you have never heard the like of
Other research based keynotes and workshops include;

“Making a great first impression!”
… a fun and inter-active guide to basic body language and getting rapport with others.

The basics of making a great first impression
How to read people by just their handshake
Manage those who seek to dominate you
Serve those who lack confidence
Better manage confrontation

“The Memory Masterclass!”
… a high energy and fun session – ideal for the graveyard shift!.

The best first, last or after lunch session to liven your audience up!
“Loads of fun and learnt that I am amazing!?” – teacher conference 2019
Unlock the power of recall and memory with amazing results.
Evidece to your delegates that when they APPLY new information they get better results!

Raring2Go – franchise conference
“You were a brilliant addition to the Raring2go! Conference and I genuinely hope you got the impression that every single word you muttered was listened to, digested and will be acted upon. You style is so fluid David and so easy to listen to that within seconds we all forgot your accent and what you look like (that was a joke) and really let your words penetrate. You capped off our conference in Royal style David and I thank you genuinely for your presence and valuable input.”

OSSMA – Academy Trust Event
“After you amazing session on Wednesday we are all rolling with the memory stack.
My year 10 are really low ability and struggle with ideas and putting them into paragraphs. We attempted memory stacking and then putting the ideas into a PEAD paragraph.”

MPOD – Dentists Conference
”David came recommended from two international speakers. He delivered on his promise to motivate the audience, and that is no mean feat. A room full of dentists. But he engaged them to set a clear direction to make their future far bigger, brighter, bolder than their past. This is our twelfth annual conference, and David is in the top 3 speakers.”

Tile Cross Academy – High School
”We have had the privilege of having David come to speak to our year 11 students for several years. He has a unique ability to engage and connect with students. It is always amazing to see a whole year group hanging on David’s every word within a few seconds of beginning speaking and the buzz resonates amongst students long after the presentation has finished. David gives students some practical strategies for improving memory and overcoming barriers to achievement in exams. It has been fantastic to hear students putting David’s memory stacking and anchoring  techniques into practice in the days following our most recent presentation.”

“Stress Prevention!”

… how NOT to become the richest person in the graveyard.
The secret, proven behaviours behind top achievers resilience and emotional wellbeing.
Easy to apply techniques that WORK to prevent your stress.
Learn how to remain calm when all around you are losing the plot.
See how just 5 mins a day using this stuff can make a lasting positive difference.

HAKIM GROUP – Optical franchise conference
”Thank you my friendWe are truly going RHINO in every part of our business and lives this year. Last night was a proud milestone in HG’s journey…. we didn’t just make the Sunday Times Top 100 list…. we are officially number 1 on that list!!! And a clean sweep of awards too!
Thank you for the part you have played in helping us achieve this milestone!  Ps… everyone at HG is still buzzing”


… the ultimate decision making compass.
Make effortless decisions “knowing” hat they are right for you.
Understand yourself and your team at a whole new level.
Create a reason “why” your team “has to” achieve that unites them all.

Academy for Chief Executives – CEO peer groups
“What a great way to end a great year with my CEO group, my first speaker to score a perfect 10 in 4 years of being a chairman !! David`s presentation style was very humourus and quick witted, his content was great, the takeaways many.”

VISTAGE –   International ceo peer groups
”you encouraged me to set a big personal goal (which for me was to complete the Marathon de Sable in the Sahara desert). Having completed the event in April this year, I now owe you some Wine, Beer or Bacon (I believe that  was the deal!).”

University of Bradford – Directors Conference
”Me and my amazing Directorate @uniofbradford had an away day yesterday and one of our external speakers was the amazing DAVID HYNER inspiring motivational speaker This tweet from one of my team just sums up perfectly what we all felt. I would implore any organisation that requires someone to come in to give their organisation or team an ‘energy jab’ to just get David in immediately. “Brain still reeling from @davidhyner presentation yesterday…cannot stop thinking about what my big, fat, hairy goal should (and could) be. Top speaker who merged humour with humility, passion with thoughtfulness, and sincerity with kindness.”

VISTAGE – International ceo peer groups
”Overall score 9.88
What a truly brilliant workshop delivered by David. Entertaining, highly interactive and engaging and full of purpose. One mark short of “the perfect 10″ (for consolidated average score).
For most members this was the best speaker experience they have had and post workshop there was unanimity on the need to ensure all follow through on agreed actions. 
As a group we have signed up to being held to account on progress using a buddy system.
Great to see this response and a big thank you to David.”

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David Hyner has also presented a variety of other presentations improving effectiveness and performance in colleagues, employees, partners, students and just about everyone in-between.
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