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Say hello to David Hyner

David is a unique motivational speaker and facilitator on goal-setting and purpose.
He brings a sense of humour and authenticity to a subject he has been researching over the last 25 years.
He’s carried out 250+ interviews with top achievers and takes inspiration from this research to see how this learning, behaviour and wisdom can be applied to get better results for people and for businesses.
First and foremost though David is a Brummie. There is an ‘ordinaryness’ and a down-to-earthness that is a core part of who he is and what he offers the world.
When David is in the room, you instantly understand who he is and what he stands for.
FUN, challenging and inter-active delivery with a bullish nature that engages, educates and entertains his audiences the world over. David has presented to over 1.2 MILLION + people in the last 23 years.
All delivered, of course, with a huge sprinkling of his infectious humour.
Motivational Speaker Midlands

Motivational Speaker Midlands

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