David makes a HUGE impact for his clients so please take a moment to read through a few of hundreds of testimonials. Many more available along with some awesome references upon request.

  • “Dave – You’re a star – thanks. After all, it was your goal setting pyramid that got ‘Spy Dog’ off the ground in the first place. Not sure if you’re aware that Puffin have signed me up for 5 books and the first Spy Dog won the Children’s book of the year for 2006. This isn’t bragging (well, OK, it is) but testimony to what can be achieved after having listened to one of your sessions. Puff that chest out Dave. You are da man!” (The Art of Brilliance & Loughborough Business College)
  • “His Massive Goals seminars can be worth their weight in Gold. I listened to David present his Massive Goal theory at a sales training course about 12 months ago. At the end of the session I took away with me something that has enabled me to expand my business throughout the UK and we are just about to expand into the USA (New York). We now have 25 people around the UK helping expand our business clubs and our all new online B-2-B networking website. I am now able to spend more and more of my time working on my business rather than in my business.
  • I wrongly believed that ‘I’ couldn’t possibly get from where I was to where I wanted to be without massive investments in time, effort and money. It appeared to me just too big a task to achieve. I was wrong and I have to tell you that because I accepted everything that David showed me that it has become a reality. I went away and put his theory into action. It Works!

  • Do yourself and your business a MASSIVE favour – Attend David’s seminar and then put your plan into action. You won’t regret it” (www.network2connect.com)

  • “There was a BUZZ in the room. Your energy was infectious!” (Childline)

  • “Your phrase of “Big hairy goals” certainly hit home to many. That’s all I heard for the rest of the conference.To say they loved it is an understatement. On the questionnaire you hit a 6/6 every time!” (Lotteries Council)

  • “It is all they spoke about for the rest of the day” (AmbiRad Ltd)

  • Excellent, thought provoking ably demonstrated theory which can be put into practice” (NRC GROUP)

  • “On the evaluation, everyone in the room rated your presentation as excellent!” (CIMA)

  • “On stage you are a powerful force” (Academy of High Achievers Ltd)

  • “I truly believe that the time Dave spent with us will have a life-long impact on most of the delegates” (National president  –  AIESEC)

  •  “Feedback from the delegates was first rate regarding your session. Indeed, it was the first time I have ever had delegates email me stating, how memorable and rewarding a session was.

  • I and the Committee were impressed by your knowledge and enthusiasm and how well you presented yourself and your beliefs as to how to bring about success.” (IMC MIDLAND REGION)

  • “WOW many thanks for delivering a fantastic speech last-night. If we had a Top Gear style board of speakers you would have just edged in to the top spot” (Soulihull Business Club)

  • Fantastic and fun presentation you made to those members, of the West Midlands Region of the Institute of Business Consulting, fortunate enough to attend last Saturday’s event.

  • It was a first for us, as an organisation, that members asked to stay on for an extra 30 minutes to listen to the many words of wisdom – from ‘inside the minds of top achievers’, delivered by yourself with passion, enthusiasm and dedication. It was a privilege to attend such an event. We all learnt a great deal!!” (Institute of Business Consulting – West Midlands)

  • What a superb workshop! Thanks very much!  (Northants Leadership Group)
  • Just a note to thank you for your excellent presentation last Saturday. It was indeed very uplifting and all of our delegates who attended are now setting big, fat, massive goals with their property investments!! If not I want to know why!! (Reality Expansion Group)