Have you ever gazed in envy at the speaker on stage, as they effortlessly capture the audience with every nuance of their narrative. Learning the top tips on speaking with IMPACT is slightly different from the tricks of the everyday speaking trade, and using impact and charisma to engage audiences of any age, takes more than just speaking well-rehearsed lines into a mirror.

Let Me Help You

In a fun, challenging and interactive workshop on Monday, July 2nd, Wynner House, Birmingham I will be giving you all the tips, tools and techniques to earn you kudos and win over your audience. You will walk away with more;

  • Attention
  • Results

I certainly didn’t start out as confident as I am now, and over the years I’ve had more than a few tumbleweed moments. It’s how you deal with the fallout from these setbacks that help you move forward.

The spoken word has power and influence, and when you consider the facts that Jeff Hancock, a Professor of Psychology at Cornell stated in his TED talk:

Humans began speaking 50,000 – 100,000 years ago; and since then, 100 billion humans have lived. Writing, on the other hand, began only 5,000 years ago

you get an inkling into WHY it’s vital to nail the art of Speaking with Impact if you want to further your business.


  • Team leaders or professionals
  • Teachers & lecturers
  • Speakers, coaches, and trainers
  • Entrepreneurs and managers

in fact…

ANYONE in need of a HUGE step up in the impact you make when presenting in front of people of any age or profile.

Imagine you are a sales director, launching a new product. You want your sales force to revel in your excitement, and so strive to push that product as diligently as possible. Alternatively, if there are problems in the business, you wish to communicate this in a hopeful way to the company workforce, without spreading fear and panic. You want them to feel confident and motivated, not defeated through your words, .

hands together

What Will I Learn?

The human voice elicits emotion, and our language sings messages. This workshop will give you the skills to propel your presentation in ways that will get you remembered, and your information, ACTED UPON!

The training session not only immerses you in role play situations and real-life possibilities (I do a mean heckle!), but you get the added bonus of take-homes, to refresh and continue your self-help at home.

So, Remind Me Again WHY I Should Attend?

EVERY delegate that attends will be given FREE access to a post- event online video training course, ensuring you don’t leave all that knowledge at the exit door.

These days it’s not enough to win friends and influence people, as people demand so much more. Audiences need to be entertained, as well as informed and, teaching is the new celebrity status!

Speaking with IMPACT¬† isn’t easy, but when was anything worth striving for a walk in the park? By following the steps set out in the workshop, and continuing your deliberations at home, you will become adept at, among others:

  • Managing and preventing nerves and stress
  • Creating impact with voice, gesture, and deportment
  • Handling challenges, questions, and hecklers… like a BOSS !
  • Delivering a speech with few or no notes at all

With discounts for group bookings and more information, please click here. You don’t want to miss out on this golden opportunity to further your speaking career and learn to speak with IMPACT and Charisma.

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