Following on from my last post, I’d like to tell you more about my upcoming event– Speak & Present to Groups of All Ages with Impact and Charisma. Having learned my trade over bumps, swerves and full on crashes, I feel it’s important to share my knowledge of a road that offers way more than an income.

Offering a change to a group of adolescents, struggling to find a voice and a way forward in the world, comes somewhat close to an all-time high.  We’ve seen that it takes far more than a bunch of interesting slides to captivate an audience and I certainly didn’t find my charismatic presenting persona overnight.

What IS Charisma?

cary grant charismatic

The description- compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others- although sounding rather like the job spec for a cult leader, gives an insight into what it takes to command a stage, (or in Cary Grant’s case, just about everything).  If we look at the great speakers of our time, they all have that ‘stage presence’ which you can’t quite define! Simon Cowell calls it the X Factor, and to be fair he has a point.


Can You Learn to be Charismatic?

The simple answer is -yes! You can learn anything if you are open and willing to put in the work. What’s interesting is how many charismatic people aren’t actually brimming with confidence, they just know how to act like they are. Just like learning to act confident, appearing to be charged with charisma, is a trait worth learning.


Teenagers to Top Earners- Age Group Approach

This course will give you tips and techniques that become so ingrained into your presentation persona, you won’t even realise the subtle changes you make in front of differing audiences. The language and content for a school audience, may well differ from a group of entrepreneurs, but your approach, however will stay consistent. Mannerisms, interaction and audience engagement should be geared towards capturing, and keeping the audience throughout the whole presentation.


Who Is this Event For?

I have targeted:

  • Team leaders or professionals
  • Teachers & lecturers
  • Speakers, coaches and trainers
  • Entrepreneurs and managers

but in fact… it will benefit ANYONE who needs a helping hand to impact their audience. Are your audience members forgetting your words as soon as they leave the auditorium? Have you lost their attention halfway through your presentation? Are you a one hit wonder, and never invited back?

This workshop event will not only teach you tips and techniques to change all this, but it will also leave you with ALL of this:

  • Proven techniques to manage and prevent nerves and stress
  • The secrets to structure and develop content, like a pro
  • The means to create impact with voice, gesture, deportment & props/visual aids
  • Skills to handle challenges, questions and hecklers… like a BOSS !
  • Experience on how metaphors and stories anchor recall, better than anything else
  • Tools to deliver with few or no notes at all… and so much more besides.


Are You Sold on it Yet?

If you’re still not sure if this workshop is for you- wait till I tell you about the take aways!!  The David Hyner experience won’t end at the training day, home time door. No indeed! EVERY delegate that attends will be given FREE access to a post event, online video training course to ensure you have all you need to coach yourself to delivery excellence.

AND There’s more offers….

The first 20 to book will receive £200 bonus goodies. I just can’t stop myself!!

This workshop event on:

Monday July 2nd,

Birmingham, West Midlands

Wynner House

143 Bromsgrove Street


B5 6RG

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is guaranteed to enhance your confidence, presenting skills and fill you top to toe with charisma to truly IMPACT your audience.

For more details contact one of my team or check out my website for details.