Building the ultimate career can require several layers, one being ongoing education or training. With our busy work and social lives the future is definitely heading towards online training. With many of us striving to achieve the perfect balance of home and career, online training offers the flexibility that has become a prerequisite in modern day lives.

“From tiny acorns,  mighty oaks do grow”, may seem a tad dramatic but carving out your career path has many parallels. Achieving those big fat hairy goals won’t happen overnight and will make huge demands on, amongst other things, your time, but with determination, a clever plan and a kick ass online training course you will get off the starting blocks with a massive head start.

Keeping up with and retaining that competitive edge in your chosen industry requires constant updating of skills and knowledge. You may be lucky enough to work in an industry that regularly sends you on training courses, but if you aren’t then online training offers a lifeline.

The desire to share my years of knowledge and expertise has forced me look at all the avenues that are available to me and whilst standing infront of thousands of people making keynote speeches IS the ultimate high, it doesn’t reach the wider audience. Having authored, and co-authored and guest authored in many best selling books, audios and videos on subjects ranging from:

  • business leadership
  • teacher training
  • goal setting
  • stress prevention
  • first impressions
  • public speaking

… and more, my passion is to help others become even more effective through sharing. Online training has given me a wonderful platform to do just that.

Is Online Training Easy?

The simple answer is- no. It can pose the similar problems as working from home:

  • too many distractions
  • low levels of concentration
  • no motivation
  • easily subject to procrastination

so it’s important to establish at the beginning WHY you are taking on a course and what you wish to achieve on its completion.

Online learning has been accessible within education facilities since the 1960’s when the Open University began, with this revolutionary method of gaining a degree still going strong half a century later.

Open university

With the internet boom e-learning has provided a honey pot of opportunity and it’s possible to gain knowledge and sometimes qualifications in almost every subject there is.

What Should a Good Online Training Course Entail?

This obviously depends on the subject matter but taking one of my most popular courses- ‘How to make a great first impression’ this offers:

  • 30 mins on-demand video
  • 1 Supplemental Resource
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion

With the course split into 4 parts, with a bonus 5th, the sections are part practical, part theory. It’s good to know WHY we have to eat the biggest frog first, as well as how to!

So for many people online training offers a relaxed, accessible way to further a career, take steps into a new career or simply boost their knowledge base- but don’t take my work for it- here’s what one of my ‘How to make a great first impression’ online students has to say

“Really informative, he mentioned the basic things – but it it these basic things that we tend to forget. Thanks for highlighting them again. The last bonus video was so impressive, can’t wait to put these things in practice.”

Look out for my next post which will go into more depth about Online Training.


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