“Reach for the stars” is a phrase more commonly bandied around the entertainment industry, but there is much to learn from the ethos of it. The consequences of playing small are all too prevalent in life, business and self improvement. We constantly criticise ourselves and shy away from ‘putting our head above the parapet’, even when it comes to exhibiting the expertise we have trained hard for.

Feel the Fear

We ALL have fears, be they rational or not. It’s fighting that fear and ensuring it isn’t stopping you fulfilling your ambitions that’s the golden ticket. Like Goal Setting- you need to think massive and recognise your comfort zone.

The Signs of Playing it Small

  • Recognising Your Fears– regardless of how talented or creative you may be, you just can’t muster up the confidence to share this with the world. What if they laugh? What if you’re found out to be a fraud? Rather than expose yourself to the possibility, you decide to keep schtum and convince yourself that it’s the impossible dream!
  • Waiting in the Wings– instead of putting up your hand and offering the answer, you are content to sit there and wait to be asked. When this doesn’t happen, you feel safe in the knowledge that nobody wants to know your opinion anyway
  • Criticism Crushes– it takes a strong person to accept criticism. It takes a clever person to thrive on it. Realise that not everyone will agree with you, or will like you, and use the critique to improve what you already know
  • Go For No– hearing ‘no’ isn’t something anyone likes to hear. Sometimes though this ‘no’ is a necessary pathway to finding the perfect yes. There’s a great saying in amongst the network marketing fraternity- ‘Go for No’- the more no’s you get, the closer to yes’s you become
  • Procrastination you fill your day with insignificance and blame this on your non- elevation. Make your day matter and prioritise. Eat the biggest frog first and the rest will be plain sailing.

Step Up to The Plate

It’s a very un-British thing to shout about ourselves but it’s unavoidable if you want to stand out and be heard in the world of today. Finding your WHY, working on your expertise and facing those fears should give you all the tools you require to position yourself in front of the crowd. There’s certainly an element in the expression:-

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.”

and we continue to play small.

What’s the worst that could happen by stepping into the limelight? Yes we could fail, but failure isn’t the end of the line- sometimes failure is just the beginning, a significant beginning!

Just like our Big Fat Hairy Goals, let’s take Big Fat Hairy Steps out of the darkness of mediocrity and step into the sparkle of excellence.

You know it makes sense! In my next post I shall look at ways to play big and go for those stars.

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Image by OpenClipart-Vectors