You don’t have to bankrupt the business to find team building that actually works. For many companies, a day out to an outdoors activity centre isn’t possible, or affordable.  Here is a list of activities that can be carried out in the office and still bring together all members of the staff.

Office Team Building Ideas

Stacking Cards

Objectives: To encourage teamwork, creative thinking and communication skills.

Materials needed: A pack of cards and pair of scissors for each group of 2-3 people.

Rules of the exercise: Each team is given the task of building the highest structure they can. They can only use the cards and the scissors. The winning teams tower must hold it’s position for 10 seconds.  To make it even more competitive, set a timer.

Desert Island Dilemma

Objectives: Encourages problem-solving, teamwork, thinking outside the box, strategic planning and for those Bear Grylls fans- survival skills.

Materials needed: Pen and paper for each group of 2-3 people

Rules of the exercise: Set the scene for your teams: they’re stranded on a desert island and have managed to save only 10 things bewtween them. Offer them a choice of 20 things, that consist of 10 useful things they’d need to survive on the island, plus 10 items that may seem important, but actually aren’t. Here’s a really useful list of things to choose. Whichever team has matched the most items on your list, wins.

Making It A Better Place

Objectives: Encouraging teamwork to solve real-life work dilemmas.

Materials needed: Paper and pen for each group of 2-4 people.

Rules of the exercise: Give the teams a set time (an hour works well) to come up with a resolution to either a workplace or community problem. They only have a small budget and a limited number of resources. It can also help to decide on the problem together beforehand.

At the end of the alloted time each team presents their idea. The teams vote for the best one (not allowed to vote for yourselves) and whoever wins the most votes wins.

Team Building Event Hosts

If you are in the fortunate position to be able to take the whole office on a team bonding trip then here’s a few that may appeal to everyone:

  • Paintballing- It sounds like fun and it is fun! Yes it can sting a little, but the laughter and comaraderie it inspires is worth a few bruises.  paintballing
  • TopGolf- not cheap and not necessarily for golfers. These centres are well set out with lights, refreshments, music and obstacles. Oh yes and golf clubs. There’s something very therapeutic about bashing small balls as hard as you can for as far as you can.
  • Escape Room- the ultimate in teamwork. Breaking codes, solving puzzles, finding clues- what’s not to love. if there is more than one group, make it a race against each other.

With employee satisfaction a major cog in the industrial wheel, it’s good to know that there are many ideas for team building that actually works.

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Image by Evan Cornman from Pixabay

Image by Alexis Fotos from Pixabay