Recent studies on employee trends have highlighted that over two-thirds of organisations identified issues with the overwhelmed employee”.

Technology overload and never-ending access for employees – what does this mean for the L&D department? How can we help employees who are completely overwhelmed?

From an L&D perspective, the digital revolution forces learning and development to change at supersonic speed. L&D departments are under pressure to keep up with new learning technologies, whilst being  pressured to introduce more blended learning.
Controlling self-directed learning with online courses and creating a learning culture seems an impossible feat,  whilst keeping engagement with the business cogs ticking over.


Taking Care of Number One

What can you do to reduce your personal levels of pressure?

  • Prioritise & review – seems obvious, but when you are immersed and under pressure it’s easy to let things slip. Make a list of priorities based on what is important. Then focus on that, with regular reviews to keep on track.
  • Reach out and communicate– make sure you surround yourself with people who will support you or let you hash out your niggles, if need be.
  • Create a learning network. Reach out to peers who can support you and share their challenges and successes. If you don’t have a wide circle or access to such, there are groups such as L&D CoWork.
  • Take care of your body & mind– eat healthily and make time for some physical activity each day. It’s important to keep the energy levels topped up so in amongst working out both body and mind- sleep at least 8 hours a night too.

De-clutter Your Workplace

Stress in the workplace can be attributed to more than just overworking. An untidy desk does lead to an untidy mind but a cluttered workspace leads to a deep sense of overwhelming. So de-clutter and make space.  Reduce the number of emails, the tasks we ask people to do and simplify the technologies being directed at us.

Make Changes in the Company

  • Review systems and processes – are there any of these steps that waste more time than they save?
  • Step back and review – spend time planning and reviewing
  • Spend time looking at the fine details within the business – L&D professionals who regularly communicate progress to managers are twice as likely to influence.
  • Regulate meeting times – whether it’s a virtual meeting or an actual meeting it’s important to be prepared. It’s no longer acceptable to drag out meetings over lunch or afternoon tea and skate around the main topic for hours. A meeting should be direct and to the point. Ensure there is an agenda, a chairman and an end time.
  • Delegate and Outsource – What tasks could be delegated to people within your business and what would make sense to outsource?  Team building is an area that can benefit from outsourcing, with established venues and specialised centres taking all the pressure off the business managers.

Simplifying L&D in the workplace doesn’t have to be a major upheaval but it is one that can bring about a real difference, both in employee satisfaction and business success.

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