In facing our fears, we are taught that fears are NOT weaknesses and by learning to deal with them we can strive to become achievers, not almost rans.

Can the same be said about our limitations? I believe that if you show your audience their pain, the trepidation surrounding those fears and limitations is open to confrontation and can eventually be kicked to the kerb.

It’s said that the most effective leaders, know their limitations, and work hard to fight through them. How many of us can say we do the same?



By taking just 5 mins a day to confront something that your feel is impeding yourself or your organisation you may just amaze yourself at what can be achieved.

Don’t listen to the shiny suit speakers, who draw you in with promises of “Follow my lead and you can succeed like me”, without actually revealing the ‘how’. Look deep within, know your area of expertise and be brutally honest about what’s holding you back.

Identifying Your Limitations

Encouraging failure: Coming to grips with the notion that failure isn’t destined to be the end of the line, but possibly the first step on the ladder of success isn’t always plain sailing. In fact in some circles failure is seen as prerequisite to success.  Intrapreneurship World remind us that:

Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before developing a successful prototype of a light bulb. Most of us don’t think of these failures as we illuminate our homes in the middle of the night!

In our society, that is so driven by success, it is very difficult to even admit failure, but show your audience their pain and strengthen the notion that not all failure is toxic.

Failure Works:

Failure can drive innovation, and in some cases an organisation will build an appreciation of their failures into their work assessment. By never trying however, you will never know- as Roy Plunkett discovered when he failed to invent his refrigeration cooling system. Instead, he discovered Teflon and made history!

The Don’t Knows:

By focusing more on what you ‘don’t know’ you can break down the fear barrier and reach that bit higher in your personal climb. Remove the obstacle that whispers in your ear-“I can’t do that”. Identify the missing knowledge or skill, tackle it everyday for 5 mins, and you may just be amazed at how quickly the unknown becomes known.

Saying No:

Don’t be afraid to say no. Sometimes a limitation really is too far from our reach and there’s no shame in acknowledging this. We all have our strengths and the world wouldn’t go round if we all excelled at the same things.

There is enormous strength in knowing, and accepting, your limitations and by addressing them on a regular basis you will be more open to finding a way to deal with them. It may be that if you aren’t capable of tackling the problem solo, you discover a work around through either:

  • delegation
  • retraining
  • mentoring
  • study
  • buddying up with a colleague
  • outsourcing


However you go about tackling your pain, it’s important to know that everybody out there feels your pain too. There is NOBODY on this earth that hasn’t failed in something, has NO fear and isn’t limited by some aspect of work or life.

We are only human after all.

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Images by 3dman_eu