Presenting is a skill, but great presenting is an art. Luckily it’s one that can be learned over time and my online course- Presentation Tips From an Award Winning Pro Speaker contains all the ingredients to help you improve. You may be wondering how presenting skills benefit sales people, but don’t just take my word for it. Global training consultants have this to say:

Sales people close 33% of their accounts because they connect with right people at the right time. Another 33% is lost due to uncontrollable factors. The last 33% is where salespeople separate themselves from the pack. These accounts are up for grabs. These are where our presentation skills make a difference.

Widen Your Technique

By this, I mean expand your sales presentation from one to one- level expert, to group presentation – level BOSS. In a one to one situation the sales person can tailor the pitch far more effectively through questions and close scrutiny of facial expressions and body language. It’s easy to spot when the prospect’s focus either veers away from, or becomes excited by a specific aspect of the pitch.
Presenting to a group, however, requires a much greater handle on information, data and confidence in one’s own ability. An audience demands competence in both content and the delivery of the content. To gain this it’s imperative that product information is on instant recall and there is a level of control in managing the audience interaction.

Improve Your Confidence


Communication really is the Elixir of life to a Sales person and improving confidence can help strengthen this skill. Holding your own in front of a group of prospects is no mean feat, but building confidence can help. Through working on tips and techniques, bolstered confidence can allow you to:

  • Structure your sales pitch allowing a modicum of flexibility for prospect interaction (without going off track)
  • Encourage interaction by bringing the audience into the presentation
  • Keep the message short and simple- clarity over clutter
  • Be persuasive.
  • Extol the virtues of your product or service

Don’t Rush It

Perhaps the most difficult part of presenting is the ability to speak slowly and audibly. How many times have we sat through a school assembly and haven’t heard a word our kids say due to the mumbling being churned out at a hundred miles an hour?  It’s highly tempting to get it over as quickly as possible, but the audience need to understand the message, or what’s the point?!
It takes more than a bit of flair to demand a stage and speak with composure. This is where the practise comes in. Practise your speech and it becomes one less thing to worry about. Know your facts inside and out so that no matter what tennis ball anyone serves, you can competently return it. Stand in front of a mirror and check out your body language. We all know this silent language gives away so much, so nail it!

Learning Presenting skills benefit sales people by helping them to achieve persuasive, relaxed and credible communication, whatever the podium. For more ideas on how to improve sales and performance check into my blog page.

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Image by mohamed Hassan from pixabay