In this era of Facebook ads, Google PPC and Instagram marketing campaigns, the old fashioned sales person approach seems relatively ignored. For many Industries however the face to face sales connection is still as important as ever.  To rise to the top in this profession there are many skills a sales person needs including:

Product Information Knowledge

Seems ridiculous to even be typing the headline but it has to be said there are many sales people who don’t quite get the concept of ‘knowing your content’. The most successful sales people will be among those who know their product inside out- good points and bad. As research shows:

An inside knowledge of a product or service is what separates the top 1% of skilled sales people.

Active Listening

presenting to people

Great sales people have almost certainly kissed the blarney stone a few times over- but how many of them are adept at actively listening? People appreciate a listener and with a series of intelligently poised questions the prospect will feel reassured that you are listening. Listening forms trust and can help give deeper insight into what the prospect is actually looking for.

Demo Competence

It’s another old chestnut, but if you are demonstrating a product – practise, practise and practise some more. Sales people need to be able to show off the product to its full capabilities. As the sales person needs to identify how to solve the prospect’s problems with the product, this could mean a different demo for each sales visit.


Perhaps the most important attribute of a sales person is the ability to present a sales pitch with knowledge and confidence. All sales people want to feel confident, want to engage their prospects, and want to feel good about actually giving their presentations. This takes a different level of training, and from a survey of 50 sales professionals these were the top 10 concerns they all voiced:

  • Is anyone really listening, or are they just gazing at the power point slides?
  • How much expressive body language is too much?
  • How do I keep them entertained throughout the whole presentation?
  • How do I control my bodily signs of stress, ie- blushing, sweating and nervous gestures?
  • How do I expertly handle questions or interruptions from the audience?
  • How do I connect with every member of the audience, or prospecting team?
  • Who should I practice my presentation on, and how many times?
  • If I don’t have personal stories to include, should I make some up?
  • How many quotes is a good number?
  • How can I improve my opening and closing?

Being able to present a sales pitch, speech or any kind of address with confidence, can change you as a person. Through learning presentation skills you will enjoy a boost in confidence that can improve many areas of your work and personal development. In my next post I will walk you through the steps of my online course and highlight why this can take your sales figures from zero to hero status.


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Image by Rawpixel from Pixabay