So we are 2 weeks into our New Year, New Me campaign. How’s it going for you then? Statistics show that the number of people who actually stick to their New Year’s resolutions is pitifully low. This isn’t unusual, it’s the same figures every year! So what makes us feel like we have to bring in the New Year with a New Me, and why is it so short lived?

Change Is Gonna Come

For some reason we feel that every change we make has to have a start date, and that start date is usually at the beginning of something, either a Week, Month or Year. How many of us repeatedly promise?

“I’ll start my diet Monday”, only to find we haven’t got the ingredients needed so it gets pushed back to the following Monday. Why can’t we start a diet on a Tuesday or a Friday?

Go With The Flow

Are you like millions of people who, in the middle of the night, get woken by a thunderbolt presenting the most amazing idea or solution? It’s at times like this that we need to grab the energy and run with it- quite literally if your lightning bolt is telling you to get fit! But what holds us back, why do we procrastinate about this amazing idea that’s come out of nowhere? It’s a scary thing starting something new but what’s scarier is NOT! New Year, New Me doesn’t just happen, we have to make it happen!

No Regrets

Through Using the Massive Goal Principle I have experienced and conquered so many things in my life I would have never thought possible. Having a goal and getting there takes more than reaching out to the Universe, although that doesn’t harm either 🙂 It demands sacrifice, perseverance and the self-belief that the path you’re on is the one for you. So many of us end our days with the words “if only” running through our heads. Take the leap, find your purpose and go for broke.

But What If I Fail

Failed Person

We aren’t very good at failing in this Country. We tend to view it as a sign that we aren’t good enough. If, however, you take a closer look at people you admire in business, sport or the arts you will see that they have ‘failed’ many many times on the way up their chosen ladder. With so many quotes about failure it’s hard to choose a favourite so I’ve chosen an analogy:

Failure is like slashing your other 3 tyres because you have a flat.

This kind of puts it in perspective. We constantly remind our children that coming last in a race or not winning the art competition doesn’t matter, because the knowledge and experience they get from competing is standing them in good stead for next time. So why as adults do we find it so difficult to embrace this same principle.

Whether you are on the first rung, or within sight of the last rung of your ladder, it’s important to remember why you started climbing. Have you kept your work/ life balance and is your ‘why’ still your why?

Massive Goal Principle

The Massive Goal Principle can work for more than just career choice, it can also help with life balance. In my next post, I shall explain how.