Over and over again we hear about SMART goals. I, on the other hand, believe bigger is better. The Massive Goal principle has been my mantra for many years. It all began with my years spent interviewing the Top achievers of the time. I discovered that these incredibly successful people, all had several things in common, things that normal people didn’t do!

What Makes The Difference?

Top achievers all have 3 things in common:

  • Their WHY is the basis for their every move
  • They aren’t afraid to ask for help
  • They all believe in MASSIVE goals.

Not only do they set out MASSIVE goals they set about building steps to make it happen.

What Is A Why?

The Why comes before the how, the where and the when. It forms the basis for every subsequent move. Simon Sinek’s by now famous Ted talk- “start with why”  became something of a springboard for the Millennial business brains. Nearly 10 years ago when he first took the stage it was a relatively untouched (not unknown) theory. Since then it has;

risen to become the third most watched on TED.com, with over 40 million views and subtitled in 47 languages.

When You Believe, You Believe

The good news is, if you’ve taken the step and bought my video course “The MASSIVE Goal Principle, because “smart” goals DON’T work” you are already a believer. This course will share with you the secrets of setting and achieving targets, goals and key outcomes, using a revolutionary new goal setting framework. This system really does work, in so many ways. Whether it’s for; personal development, team building, business start-up, public speaking or other areas of development, the MASSIVE goal principle produces results.

Massive Goals In Secondary Schools

massive goal principle

Along with business Industries, the MASSIVE goal principle works wonders in Secondary schools. In fact one student said “Better than double Maths – thanx”.  Good to know I’m down wit da youff! Along with teaching the importance of Goal Setting, this course teaches the, sometimes difficult, art of building confidence, overcoming procrastination and above all the understanding that retaining an element of fun, produces optimum outcomes. These are attributes that enhance every secondary school student and offer them a sound platform for adult life.

Mr Motivator

No, I haven’t taken to donning a leotard and shouting to gatherings of get fitters. The MASSIVE goal principle does marvels for motivation. Beating exam procrastination is a product of the MASSIVE goal principle and one that doesn’t just apply to school students. Adults changing careers or stepping up the promotional ladder could be asked to take tests or attend courses. After many years of not studying, motivation can be seen running out the door quicker than a shop assistant after Black Friday. This course teaches tips and techniques for increasing motivation AND keeping it bubbling away.

Take a sneak peek at “The MASSIVE goal principle because smart goals DON’T work” course and improve every part of your work and development. By joining  thousands of others who have acheived incredible results from this course you will begin your journey towards personal and career success.