Making a great first impression is one of those tricky lessons that appear, and reappear  throughout our whole life. Whether it be asking someone out on a first date, delivering a keynote or meeting the boss with a view to promotion, first impressions are vitally important. You also only get one shot at it!

Forget the old philosophy- “you have 10 minutes to make a first impression.” With the increasing pace of life and the ease of accessibility to everything and everybody, you now have just 7 seconds to make yourself memorable- Seven seconds is the time it takes to cement your relationship or forever be forgotten. Daunting isn’t it!

Stand Out From the Crowd

Luckily, there are manageable ways to ensure you leave a great impression- every time! My online course, ‘How to Make a Great First Impression’ will walk you through each step, explaining the methodology and illustrating the required skills in a simple to replicate manner.


With a limited time 25% discount, this course offers you the opportunity to:-


  • Appear more confident in public and in meetings
  • Be more aware of your own body language and how it makes you appear to others
  • Learn how to introduce yourself with a few carefully chosen words
  • Be comfortable holding eye contact with people you deem to be superior to yourself


The First 3 Steps

Step 1- Eye Contact: Holding eye contact for some people is on a par with riding a penny farthing down the cobbled streets of Stratford Upon Avon- painful! It is however, the first step in making that great first impression. If you meet someone who seems incapable of looking you in the eye whilst talking, it is unfortunately in our nature to deem that person untrustworthy. At the very least we may feel uncomfortable with that person. It’s also important to remember not to stare for too long- as that can have an equally unsettling effect.

Step 2- Smile: Holding eye contact with a dour look on your face can make someone feel very awkward indeed. Turning that frown upside down will bring instant rapport between two people. The effect a smile can have on a person is metamorphic, instantly calming a situation, bringing a warm, friendly atmosphere into any situation. Smiles are also infectious, so make eye contact and smile at the person you wish to impress. It will be very hard for the recipient not to smile back!

couple smiling at each other

Step 3- Handshake: We will look at handshakes in more depth in a later post but it’s important to note that although a handshake is still the introduction opener in much of the Western World, it isn’t protocol for many other cultures. With handshakes, the number one ‘No No’ is the strength of the grip- not too weak, not too strong. It’s also important to remember to maintain steps 1 & 2 whilst effecting the handshake.


Making a great first impression takes practice and the insight to realise that it’s more than just saying the right thing. It’s as much about reading the other person as it is about exposing your own personality. Body language plays a large part in first impressions but it’s important to remember that just because someone doesn’t hold eye contact with you for a full 5 seconds, it doesn’t mean they are ingenuine and shouldn’t be at all trusted.

In our next post we will continue with the ways to make a great first impression and expand more on using body language ‘tells’ to gain insight into someone’s personality and emanate our own inner confidence.

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