It’s THAT day again, when New Year’s Resolutions are made, but this year, you WILL keep up the gym workout, finish that short story you’ve started every January 2nd for the past 15 years and get several steps closer to your ‘massive goal.’

You may wonder that following on from the Christmas stress, just HOW are you going to achieve this- the clue is in the last sentence- by setting a MASSIVE goal! Yes really….

Before we figure out how to smash this year’s resolutions, let’s take a look at how this tradition started:


  • Blame the Babylonians, as 4000 years ago they woke up on the first morning of their New Year (which began in March) to a 12 day festival called Akitu in which they would swear oaths to the King.


  • The Romans continued to swear allegiance to their leader, the Emperor, but New Year was now moved to the more traditional slot of January.


So when did the concept of swearing allegiance to a leader transcend into ‘losing weight and quitting fags?

On December 31, 1661, Samuel Pepys wrote his New Year’s Resolution “I have newly taken a solemn oath about abstaining from plays and wine, which I am resolved to keep according to the letter of the oath which I keep by me.” This New Year notion of focusing a change of behaviour towards oneself took flight, and since then the Resolutions people make on the stroke of midnight December 31st are centered towards improving our own lives.


Using the Massive Goal Principle

So why do 8% of people stick at something past the 7th January, and the other 92% don’t?

Know your WHY.

There’s a great saying- if your WHY is big enough the how will find a way, and the same principle goes for your Massive goals. If you know why you’re doing something the dedication and focus required to succeed moves within easy grabbing distance.


Set your resolution out in front of you, either by paper and pen, whiteboard and marker or keyboard and screen. But however you do it, make it BIG, Bold & Colourful. Make it specific, a rung on the ladder towards your Ultimate goal a stepping stone over the stagnant waters of the life you don’t want:-


  • I’m going to complete a marathon by the end of this year
  • I’m going to have enrolled on a Cookery course by March and started by September
  • I will be halfway towards my ideal weight by the beginning of the Summer
  • I will be a non smoker by my next birthday


The emphasis is on the assumption, which brings the onus and accountability on the resolution maker. Pairing up with someone who isn’t going to accept excuses is a great idea, as it gives you no place to hide. Tough love is sometimes a necessity and when your tick list has blank spaces the last thing you need is someone saying “it’s okay, it doesn’t matter”!


I guess the biggest part of making a resolution is the need to ‘make a change.’ How many of us are truly, madly, deeply content? There is always room for self improvement whether that be towards business, health, relationships, helping others, the planet or simply being oneself.



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