Although I know you sang that first line- Michael Jackson stylee 😉 it is a very important message. To make a change for 2019 you need to reflect on your life’s direction. Look at the road you’re travelling on, is it the right one? Do you even know what road you SHOULD be taking? Myriad of questions that can be so overwhelming we sometimes end up staying put!

Even for those of you who are smashing life, there’s always room for reflection and improvement. Do you think the biggest achievers of today sit back, count the pennies and say- that’s it for me! No, of course they don’t. Bill Gates strives for a better world and Richard Branson & Elon Musk are stretching out to other worlds. Successful musicians keep on making music and inspirational writers keep on writing books.  How do they keep motivated?


One of the first things I discovered about great achievers during my research years was that the nub of everything they do is Purpose.  Imagine knowing that every decision you make is the right decision. That the path you’re on is the one created just for YOUR journey. Sounds idyllic- yes? Even better than that- it’s within your reach.


The buzz word of the moment in personal development is Value, and that’s such an important part of discovering your purpose. The other 50% come with a few uncomfortable flinches:

  • your weaknesses
  • your insecurities
  • the things that stop you from moving forwards

Human nature tends to make us ignore the bad stuff that we view as weakness. We push it away, instead of incorporating it into our decisions. How is it possible to plan ahead when you’re only actually dealing with half the person?


To make a change for 2019 it requires learning about yourself and what it is that truly makes your heart sing. My course; Purpose- You but better, will give you tips and techniques on how to find your Why. The learning curve most of us hop off when we enter adult working life is always available and should be revisited time after time. Learn how to commit to your Massive goal and never falter from your path. Replicate the big achievers by gaining confidence, certainty and conviction.


Having the confidence to follow your path. Brushing away procrastination when it rears it’s ugly head and seeing mishaps as bumps along the way, not huge failures to send you scurrying back under the duvet.


Be sure that this is your purpose. Planning the route to achieve with the certainty that it’s YOUR chosen route and more importantly your chosen end result.


As Forest Gump once said, “Life’s a box of chocolates”, you never know what one you’ll get, and they aren’t always the ones you like! With true conviction you will have the ability to say:

Yep that’s right for me, or no thats not right

How useful would that be?

The Small Print

With this course I ask the difficult questions. It’s a bit of a journey within yourself and it’s VITAL to finish the course. It’s not a fluffy slippers and compfy PJ’s type course. It’s full on, reveal your true self make a change for 2019…

For those of you with emotional difficulties or mental health problems, take a moment to reflect on how the course may affect you. Talk things over with your qualified therapist/coach or practitioner. If at any time during the learning process you feel disorientated please pause, get some advise and then carry on when you feel ready.

This is a course to bring out the best you, make a change for 2019 for the better.