Speaking about Goals and Goal setting can open up a whole host of when, where, how’s and ifs. There’s no question that the details and strategies of any self-improvement tactic is vital, but let’s not forget the most critical component of this – the WHY!

The importance of purpose isn’t a new concept and in fact has been around since the Mark Twain era when he opened up the floodgates of conceptual thinking by announcing

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why”.

The concept of bringing the why before the how’s has grown in stature and importance in almost every area of life, and has lead to an influx of books, audio, courses and video guides pointing us all in one direction- but is it the right direction for everyone?


How can a purpose help?

Ever wondered how some speakers appear timid, shaking and outwardly terrified whist waiting in the wings but  the moment they step out and begin, they become confident, composed and explosive. The reason is simple, they are speaking about their subject, their passion, their obsession and all their fears dissipate as they command the stage with conviction via their purpose. All their misgivings are pushed to the wayside as their subject becomes stronger and more important to them than their fears. The need to convey their message is more forceful than the feelings of:

  • what if I forget my words
  • what if I’m not good at speaking
  • what if I look fat/thin
  • what if people question my ideas
  • what if
  • what if
  • what if

and gives them confidence to not only relay their ideas through their speech, but to tackle anything thrown at them as a result of that speech.


How do I find my purpose?

Have you got a goal, a dream, a burning desire to do or be something? Deep down everybody has a dream but not many of us are brave enough to consider it as a reality, let alone do anything about it. For those that do ‘reach for the stars’ and achieve success, are they lucky, blessed, better than everyone else, or is it indeed the universe aligning itself to their good fortune? I think not!

It’s quite simply that their purpose is as massive as their goal. Without a big enough cause, without your purpose being bigger than your fear of failure, you will find every excuse in the book to procrastinate or give up. Find what makes you:

  • passionate
  • feel alive
  • sets your heart racing
  • engages you for hours
  • pushes you to tell people about it
  • encourages you to teach people about it
  • makes you glad to be alive

It’s THIS that will make your goal setting achievable, it’s this that will give you the courage to say “is that all you’ve got” to setbacks, it’s this that will give you the incentive to take on your fears, doubts and throw caution to the wind in whatever it is you want to achieve.

For many people their purpose is family, desire to rise to the top of the ladder, money, security, fame and for some it’s simply the conviction of their beliefs. But whatever your purpose, don’t forget to hold it tight, visit it often and don’t be afraid to share it.

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images by kvrkchowdari