If you’ve already stepped off the treadmill and dry January is a soggy memory, you may gain some satisfaction from knowing you aren’t alone. Research shows that of the 10 most common New Year resolutions:

  1. Taking more exercise
  2. Losing weight
  3. Eating healthier
  4. Pursuing a more active lifestyle
  5. Taking up a hobby
  6. Working on personal wellbeing
  7. Making time for family and friends
  8. Drinking less alcohol
  9. Stopping smoking
  10. Other

by February, 80% of these New Years’ Resolutions can be found in the abandoned cart!

Finding the solution to stop stopping something would undoubtedly equal the discovery of the Holy Grail, but until that particular formula appears let’s take a look at some ideas that are proven to work, including my highly acclaimed book- The New Years Resolution Handbook.

Setting a Massive Goal

The New Year resolution Handbook

David Hyner Book

You may be alarmed at the encouragement to make Massive Goals, as opposed to smaller, more manageable ones. But DON’T BE- this process really does work! By setting yourself YOUR ultimate goal, you can then take those bite sized steps towards it. Don’t be afraid to dream big. All the great success stories of past and present have had that one thing in common- the ability to believe they would unequivocally achieve that massive goal.

An example of this would be to write your goal somewhere highly visible and in big, bright bold colours, i.e

‘I will be 2 stone lighter by the Summer’.

The subsequent diet, exercise or lifestyle change plan you follow to achieve this will fashion the stepping stones required to goal fulfillment. Displaying the goal keeps it foremost in your mind and can be the difference between giving up and going forward.

Pair up with someone who won’t let you give in as let’s face it a bit of tough love never hurt anyone, especially when there are love handles involved!

Signing up to an online course

The majority of people who give up on a task do so due to lack of accountability.  Just as procrastination victims, it’s very easy to convince yourself that something isn’t working or there’s no harm in abstention when nobody is listening. With an online course, there can be no getting away from tasks, schedules and that nagging voice pushing you on to finish that assignment.

Just like a marathon runner will accredit those final few miles to the support and encouragement of the crowd,  an online course packed with deadlines, tasks and rewards can make the difference between completion and failure.

Online courses aren’t just for people learning a second language, there are myriad of choices available today ranging from running for health to coding for beginners. My own online course, ‘How to make a great first impression’ could be the perfect kick start to a brand new confident you. It could be the stepping stone towards your Massive Goal.

Whatever your final goal is it’s important to remember WHY you made that New Years’ Resolution. Your WHY is the linchpin for every step you make in business and personal development. The saying goes:

When your why is big enough, your how will find a way

and this transpires into every nook and cranny of life.  Finding your why isn’t always so easy however.

In our next post we shall look at more ways to smash those New Years’ Resolutions and take a trip into the WHY zone. For more information on The Massive Goal Principle visit my website-davidhyner.com

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