Keynote Delivery

Over years of research, adventures and success, David Hyner has helped thousands of people to tap into the mindset of the worlds highest achievers and most effective performers, and use these principles to improve their own performance. He gives your delegates the inspiration to take MASSIVE action!

David’s most popular talk is:

The MASSIVE Goal Principle!

because “smart” goals do NOT work!

The benefits obtained from this presentation include:

The secret, proven behaviours behind top achievers success

Confidence to set and achieve “MASSIVE” goals

Assumptions vs truth and how to smash procrastination

An understanding of how to look into rather than look up to successful people

PURPOSE: Because top achievers know “why” they do what they do

How “smart” goals set us up for mediocrity… at best!

Rhino time!, and how to avoid the cows… and a call to action like you have never heard the like of

References to the effectiveness of this presentation can be found in the Testimonials pa

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David Hyner has also presented a variety of other presentations improving effectiveness and performance in colleagues, employees, partners, students and just about everyone in-between. To enquire into these presentations please contact us.