The world today has never been so full of experts and it’s become vital that people consistently improve their own level of expertise. By keeping up- to- date with industry trends you will be at the forefront of identifying growth opportunities, giving you that longed for competitive edge.

You would think that keeping up- to- date with business trends is easy. Let’s face it the internet and social media channels are awash with the latest tech innovations, latest marketing techniques and latest ‘must have’ business products. But sometimes the sheer volume of this information available at our fingertips means we don’t actually hone in on anything- it all becomes a blur!

So how do you ensure you capture the latest trends?

Although the internet is flooded with tips, top tens and every manner of ‘how to’s’, there are a few tried and tested ways of keeping up with the Joneses’.

Why choose a business mentor?

EVERY successful business person will have a business coach or mentor. Even Mark Zuckerberg was mentored by Steve Jobs when he first started out building Facebook!  By asking questions from a mentor who has experience in your field you can build on your own knowledge without fear of being judged. It also gifts you the opportunity to see your own business from a different perspective.

Attend events and conferences

By getting out of the office and networking at professional conferences and industry events you are directly in contact with industry thought leaders. These events are not only great for networking but are a veritable goldmine for learning opportunities and seeing firsthand the latest products and innovations.

Many companies choose to launch their products and services at these large events and being present will most certainly give you an advantage.

Listening and learning from great speakers will motivate as well as educate, leaving you with an improved knowledge base and the impetus to follow up on what you take away from the event.

Subscribe to publications

Yes there is a deluge of information out there every week in the format of:

so how on earth do you know which one to choose?

To keep up with business trends it’s crucial that you subscribe to a selection of industry specific publications. Before choosing which ones, spend some time seeing what other people are reading, who the most popular bloggers are and who is being talked about on social media.

By subscribing to a few online trade journals you will have access to the latest news delivered straight to your inbox, ensuring you stay in the loop.

A tip to keep ontop of your reading material is to set a time in the day, or an alarm every hour, when you read a bit, or everything at the same time. By getting into a routine, whether it’s:

  • First thing in the morning
  • Mid morning coffee break
  • Lunch
  • The end of the day

your mind will be more focused and therefore more receptive to the new ideas it receives. Don’t overload yourself with too much information – just like food a little and often seems to create the best results.

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