It’s nearing the end of the month, dry January seems a breeze and the taxes are filed and put away for next year  BUT you still don’t know how to resolve those New year’s resolution woes. Aside from throwing yourself a pity party or giving yourself a huge boot up the nether regions there are some lifelines out there.

Making it Massive

This is not a shout out to an Ali G convention here, but rather an encouragement for you to make those goals MASSIVE- yes you heard correctly- MAHOOSIVE! My book- The New Year’s Resolution Handbook shows how making Massive goals can help channel your New Year towards its best yet by:

  • Discovering your WHY- if your why is big enough, the way will present itself
  • Displaying your goal in BIG, BRIGHT colours so that it’s ever present in your eyeline, taking you one step closer to the life you always dreamed of
  • Choosing a goal setting partner who will dispel the fear and the foreboding procrastination and abandonment curse
The New Year resolution Handbook

David Hyner Book

By following the Massive Goal Principle, you can not only adhere to those New year’s resolutions, but you can change the course of your life.

Focus On The Progress

It’s important to keep it real. Don’t expect perfection, allow yourself to mess up occasionally. If the progress chart stays on track, the New Year’s resolution is on track too. Perfection is insurmountable and highly overrated. It’s human to err and divine to forgive, so if you do happen to have a cream cake for dessert, be kind to yourself.  Keeping a chart of your progress will help and motivate you to focus on the end result. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and changing the eating habits of a lifetime will take time- as well as effort and planning.

Using Implementation Techniques

What do I mean by implementation techniques? It’s an ‘if-then’ equation used to change our behaviour. For example- your goal is to go to the gym on a Monday morning before work, so your implementation technique is to say “if it’s Sunday night then I will set my alarm an hour earlier Monday morning to facilitate this goal. By identifying your situation you can find the implementation if to link with the appropriate then resulting in your desired outcome. This technique has been proven to have remarkable succes rates:

In a recent study by Armitage, 15% of smokers who formed implementations quit, compared with 2% of those who did not.

Finally, one of the easiest and most successful method is to define your resolution. It may not be enough to just say “I want to lose weight”. There needs to be some meat (or should that be non fat, low carb meat substitute) behind that . The ambiguity of the phrase ‘losing weight’ can gain strength in a sea of diet plans, exercise apps and beauty makeovers. By pinpointing exactly what losing weight means to you will help to carve out the perfect way forward, whether that be by diet, exercise or a combination of both.

Clarity keeps it clear and attainable. Set your goal, implement the steps needed and don’t chastise yourself to the point of surrender if you veer from the path slightly.

And remember it’s a New year, same you- just better!

For more on setting goals and sticking to them- see my website

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