What does it take to help your employees be more motivated? Higher pay, training programs, subsidised canteen and even ‘bring your pet to work day’? In many cases it can be a pinch of all of these things, and more.

Motivating employees to increase sales and drive profit should be high on the list of Company strategies. By implementing many of the aforementioned, employee satisfaction should be hovering around the top end of the scale.

To take it that bit further why not consider bringing in a motivational speaker to help inspire your team and keep up with the ever evolving business trends in the world today. Whatever your business, there are constant demands on improving customer and employee experiences. So how can a speaker help with this?

Elevate Teamwork

huskys working together

Getting every employee on board with the company’s goals should be the focus of every company. As Richard Branson states:

To be successful in business, you need to connect and collaborate and delegate – you need teamwork. The fundamental driver of our success at Virgin has, and will always be, our people working together.

The sales team need to believe in the product, the production team need to love the product and the managerial and c-suite need to have faith in the competence and productivity of everyone.  A professional speaker knows how to relay the company’s vision in a way that keeps employee enthusiasm and commitment to the goals at a high.

Reinforce Company Goals

We can all forget our ‘why’s along the way and it’s no different for a company. Even with mottos and straplines emblazoned across the company stationary and office walls they can eventually fade into the bacground and become fused with other white noise.  A professional speaker can drag these ideals and goals back into the limelight and reenergise employees. A good speaker will interlink the goals and values of a company with the successes and strategies it deploys, creating a meaningful impact on employees.

A Different Angle

Work can be monotonous, scrap that- work IS monotonous when carried out day after day. Great for productivity, but not great for employee motivation. Nobody can do the same function repeatedly wtihout losing focus- it’s just impossible (unless you’re a robot, but that’s a whole other blog post). By introducing a speaker who can introduce a different angle to the job specifics, interest will be reignited and employees remain happy.

Buffering Resistance

Eventually every company must change– it’s a fact. For some companies this goes smoother than others, but it doesn’t have to be this way. A professional speaker can help with resistance to change by highlighting the positives from change and how change isn’t something to be scared of.

Rallying The Troops With Humour

I believe a speech should be like a good sitcom:- Not too long, full of gags and leaves you wanting more. With all my speeches, whether they be on Massive Goals, Presenting Skills or Finding Your Purpose, I always interject a bit of humour. Playing to a sullen, disengaged audience is unproductive and unenjoyable (for both speaker and audience). A speech should be pleasurable for both speaker and audience and should definitely leave them wanting more.

To see the different ways you can relay information and motivate your employees take a look at some of my keynote speeches.

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