In our last post we saw how online training is becoming the differentiator between career advancement and career regression. It’s the way forward and getting to grips with online training isn’t difficult.

Is E-Learning Replacing Classroom Learning?

The facts and figures highlight that the popularity of e-learning shows no sign of slowing down and in 2015 the Global e-learning market reached a massive $107 billion in revenue, with the major consumers based in:-

  1. India: 55%
  2. China: 52%
  3. Malaysia: 41%
  4. Romania: 38%
  5. Poland: 28%
  6. Czech Republic: 27%
  7. Brazil: 26%
  8. Indonesia: 25%
  9. Colombia: 20%
  10. Ukraine: 20%

But it’s not just the ease of access that makes online learning so enticing. E-learning tools and web-based learning  courses have enhanced this ease, and as more business organisations are dispersed over multiple offices and even mulitple continents, across the board classroom training has become virtually impossible.

Benefits of Online Training

Ease of access

The student can set their own pace of work and access the material at their own leisure and in their own comfortable setting. The accessibility of the learning material will also cater for the faster learners to complete and gain their qualifications sooner. On the other hand, the absence of a classroom situation will also alleviate any stress on the more tardy learners, who don’t need the pressure of trying to keep up with the whizz kids.


On completion of a classroom based training course, you may retire with a binder full of notes and a couple of well heeled text books, but how many of you actually re-read or re-visit these training tools? Not many I would imagine!

With online training, the completed course has no shelf life. My own online training courses come with a full lifetime access so that the student can revisit and recap anytime they like.This is a huge advantage for topics that involve practical exercises and skill building.

My ‘Massive Goal Principle’ course teaches, amongst other things  ‘a system to be used as a daily “to-do” list’ which requires paper, coloured pens, at least one large piece of A3 or bigger paper or card, and a diary to commit action time into.

This Goal Setting skill can be revisited time after time as the tools are readily available online with my lifetime access.

Less Expensive

As there are no overheads for classroom and staff the cost of an online training course can be hugely reduced. This then becomes a course that is available to overseas, lower income and trainee workers.

Feedback and Results

One of the huge advantages of the internet is the facility to receive instant feedback and help. With many courses offering instant results and feedback the agonising wait of yesteryear results is no more.

Online Help

When the original members of The Lunar Society met over 150 years ago once a month to discuss revolutionary topics of the day they could have hardly imagined that a world of knowledge would one day be available at the tap of a button.But here it is!

world wide web

Tap the keyboard and get an answer. The wonder of the world wide web is never more powerful when searching for knowledge. With an online training course you will have a designated help section as well as access to an online teacher. The best of both worlds!

Whilst online training is providing an unbeatable alternative to classroom training it’s good to remember that human interaction should never be replaced. They should go hand in hand.


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