In this world of online profiles, email communication and emoji relationships, why is it that first impressions really do count?

Many of us feel way more comfortable hiding behind our keyboard and screen and can quite happily articulate about any and every subject. This is great- on paper (or rather monitor), but there is a time when it becomes necessary to emerge from the desk and actually meet people.

What to Do When Meeting for The First Time

Whether you’re an employee representing your company, or you’re meeting the potential in-laws for the first time, impressions matter! It’s a harsh reality- but you only have the ONE chance to make a first impression. Use it wisely…

It goes without saying that meeting a date for the first time isn’t the same as meeting for business. There are glaring differences and a whole host of do’s and don’ts. A few may cross over, but on the whole, your business persona shouldn’t be confused with your dating one.

Get Some Professional Help

When I first started out interviewing successful people I hadn’t got a clue about first impressions and it really was a case of learning on the job. Luckily, you don’t have to. My best selling online course- How to make a great first impression will teach you the tips and techniques required to slay it, over and over again.

Who Is This Course For?

Throughout my career I have met and interviewed people from all walks of life and through gaining knowledge of human behaviours and people’s skill sets for success, I devised this course to suit anyone who wishes to:
  • Learn basic body language skills
  • Make a GREAT first impression
  • Increase confidence at meetings and events
  • Interview candidates
  • In fact, anyone who needs to get better rapport with others

What if I’m Not Confident?

Not everyone possesses total confidence in every scenario.  Many people have situational confidence, which comes from a state of comfort, rather than an overriding inner confidence. So how do you tell who’s faking it, and does it really matter if they are?

By learning how to appear confident, the mind is tricked into believing that we ARE confident.  By being in control of, and understanding body language, you can learn how to respond to people, and more importantly how to present yourself in the way that benefits you.

Don’t Be Brash

Confidence is a quiet, expressive action allowing for expertise and self-regard to shine through.

Trust in yourself

It most certainly isn’t brashness or self importance. These are some of the traits that confident people possess:

  • They ask questions, rather than force their opinion
  • They are quite happy to avoid the limelight
  • Never afraid to ask for help
  • They have a true belief in their ability to ‘do’
  • They own their mistakes
  • They never put down other people
  • They seek approval from people who matter to them

What Do I Need to Learn?

On my course you need a readiness to ‘have a go’ and the commitment to use the techniques for positive outcomes.  With my 30mins video and online access you will learn the 4 KEY ingredients to making that great first impression.

Imagine being able to walk into a job interview, sales meeting, conference or stand on a stage in front of thousands of people, knowing you’re making the best impression you possibly can.

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