I didn’t set out to be a professional speaker, in fact I didn’t set out to be anything other than a chef, which I was for 13 years. The David Hyner road to speaking success certainly arrived left of field but looking back it couldn’t have suited me more.

From small beginnings come great things

sapling growing

In 1997 I began interviewing top achievers, as a bit of a hobby. Although I was deep in pastries and party food in my ‘day job’ I was finding my catering company career wasn’t pushing my inner happy button as often as I desired. I desperately wanted to find out how I could become more successful, effective…. And happy.

My catering customers were the “who’s who” of the Midlands, which fortuitously gave me a massive leg up in the interviewer stakes. From delving into the mindset of these ‘local success stories’ I spread my interviewers wings into the wider world and set about approaching the greats of:

  • Sport
  • Science
  • Academia
  • Politics
  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurialism

It was the unearthing of the common thread that ran through these inspiring people that changed my life forever, forming me into the speaker I am today.


Discovery to delivery

A fellow speaker told me – “if I could hold their attention for an hour… I was a good speaker!”  An hour! Wow that’s a heck of a long time when you’re on stage infront of real people, talking about yourself. Although I knew my speaking was effective, and I was gaining the respect of my peers and the attention of the audiences I was addressing, I wasn’t getting the long term results that I was hoping for. There was just something missing!

You don’t become an expert overnight in any profession and it certainly didn’t happen like that for me. I reached out and looked for help and as soon as I did- things began to change. I realised that I had been speaking from a place of ego, craving the applause and the acceptance, not listening to the audience at all.

The moment I shifted the full focus of my intent, making my entire delivery from content and structure through to delivery style, with vocalisation to match- the ‘earth moved’!

I switched my attitude, my vocal tone and my purpose all to deliver the outcome to the audience to the very best of my ability rather than trying my best to get them to “like me”


Speaking with MY purpose

These days I can be found speaking in front of 40,000 corporate ‘game changers’ or 40 secondary school students and at every opportunity I reveal my inner self. Authenticity is paramount to the audience believing your story, and when I’m telling people to make ‘massive Goals, I need to be credulous at all costs!

I set out all those years ago to get my message across, and that’s still the foundations of my work today. My WHY is bigger than my fear of failure and my purpose keeps me going when the hecklers arrive.

The rewards for my speaking success is in the delegates, teachers and students who have taken on board my ideas, implemented them in THEIR purpose and have accelerated in life. Some have gone on to become sporting champions, business successes, mentoring legends and one young lady who believed in herself so much she persuaded Barack Obama to become her mentor- Massive goal result or what!


Let me help you

My system is easily duplicatable and to prove this I have produced a video course. Learn how to:

  • Speak in public
  • Present your ideas with few notes
  • Use stories
  • Handle those nerves

Among lots of other tips and techniques to make your own speaking success story. Join the 20,000 or more people who have benefited from my course already.

For further information please visit davidhyner.com and don’t hesitate to contact me

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