For those of you who ARE accustomed to public speaking there can be nothing worse than a lukewarm reception from a half hearted audience, or a dull, lifeless conference room. So how do you go about creating energy in a conference room?

That’s easy- “Let’s Go Rhino”! By shifting from cow to rhino through anchoring (captured below) we can trick our inner fear (our amygdala) into a positive, productive state.

In my video clip you will see this tried and tested technique of ‘Going Rhino’, which DOES change your physical, mental and emotional state. By making the stance and expelling a group yammer, confidence rises and energy levels are given a massive boost. But it isn’t always appropriate to let out a bellow, even if it is an uplifting one! So what else can be done to ensure that conferences and meetings go smoothly and produce optimal results?

The Surroundings

For many of us, meetings and conferences are such a lengthy part of our working day we tend not to notice the surroundings. For middle Managers it’s 35% of their working day, whilst C Suite tend to gravitate towards the 50% mark.

Rather like the results of Feng Shui for a home, decor and layout can also have a huge impact on a meeting or conference. A well-designed conference room can put attendees at ease, encourage conversation, and induce participation and productivity.  You probably won’t notice a first rate conference room, but you would certainly notice second rate.

Top Tips for a Successful Conference

Even with the changing face of work, where more and more people are working remotely, communicating via skype and sharing files via dropbox, the need to meet face to face and share strategies and ideas is as strong as ever. Conference calling may be convenient for ongoing projects, but when it comes down to brainstorming brands or training staff it’s time to head to the conference room.

What Happens at a Conference, Stays at a Conference

A good conference can propagate that feeling of inclusion in some secret club. Being involved in something special, something exciting that the outside world hasn’t yet been made aware of. If the energy is right in a conference, the resulting buzz can border on addiction.

The Role of a Chairperson

With a confident chairperson and a professional keynote speaker, a good conference both informs and entertains. Raising and keeping the energy levels falls on the shoulders of the Chair, who steers the Speakers and audience through the programme. A great public speaker will have the ability to command the audience and share information and anecdote with an equal sense of ease.

Keeping the Energy Going

Unfortunately there may be a time when the conference you are attending is mandatory as opposed to voluntary, so how do you keep focused and attentive? Here’s a list of things you can do:-

  • Take notes ( or draw diagrams to remember significant points)
  • Prepare, or write some questions to ask at an appropriate slot. This will keep your mind attentive
  • Ensure you have had a good night’s sleep beforehand
  • Take some exercise before if possible
  • Ensure you have eaten properly (nothing worse than a grumbling stomach shouting out during the quiet bits)

Ultimately, the onus of creating the energy in a conference room falls at the feet of the hosts and whether you be a conference newbie or an accomplished veteran, it’s important to keep it fresh and lively.  By making a great first impression and keeping it ‘rhino’ your conference will be much much more than a mediocre meeting of minds.

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