Some people prefer to chase their dreams solo, whilst others prefer to run with a pack. For those who opt for the latter, choosing a mastermind group can make good business sense.

At some point in our lives we have all fallen into a period of procrastination and have probably suffered the consequences too. Gearing up to tackle those steps towards that massive goal should need little incentive, but it sometimes isn’t that simple! Drawing motivation from inside is paramount to self achievement, but having people you are accountable for can add fuel to the fire and set the path aflame. This is where masterminding comes into play.

How Masterminding Works.

Choosing a mastermind group which offers support and help from peers and equals will help you achieve your goals through a combination of:-

  • Brainstorming
  • Education
  • Peer accountability
  • Support.

Regularly engaging with people who possess different skill sets, and are all aiming for their own higher targets, produces a fruitful combination which can motivate and ensure you complete your set tasks. Being part of a well suited group entails a certain level of commitment, but it’s this commitment that embodies your success. By sharing experiences, giving and receiving of advice and leaning on each other, a good mastermind group can open doors and help you to walk through those doors.


Choosing the Right Mastermind Group

As with most things in life finding the right ‘fit’ is essential for success and this is by no means lessened when searching for a mastermind group. Look for a group that has people above and equal to yourself, people who you admire and respect and who have skills and talents that are outside of your personal zone. The power of a mastermind group can have a lasting effect on your personal effectiveness and can instill good practices that can last a lifetime.

Look on it as a new community, one that expands your network and helps with your challenges. Establish what you want to achieve from a mastermind and look for like minded people within the group. Think about making a great first impression when joining the group!


Setting Your Goals Within a Mastermind

On finding the ideal mastermind the first step is acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses within your goal reaching steps. By disclosing any specific problems you may have you are opening yourself up to ideas and solutions offered by thought leaders and champions of their fields. A problem shared is a problem halved has probably never been more apt than in this setting.

Step 1-

The first round of meetings should be sharing your purpose, goals and aspirations. This is the time to be honest and open about what you want to achieve. Don’t hesitate, let the group into your massive goal and no holding back.

Step 2-

Detail your plan of how you will commit to achieving that goal. List the steps you need to take. This is the point where you divulge the problems you have, or problems you may foresee. jigsaw showing think, plan,act

Step 3-

Decide who you are going to be accountable to, what type of support will benefit you and how members can help you to fulfill your goal tasks.


The Mastermind Facilitator

A group facilitator is essential as it’s someone who can push and provoke as well as support. By engaging an external facilitator, someone who isn’t involved in the group and isn’t there to focus on their own business, you can benefit from balanced group dynamics, quick and easy process and protocols as well as tight knit agendas.


What a Mastermind Isn’t.

A mastermind group isn’t:-

  • A networking group- the whole idea of masterminding is to give and receive. Although it’s not merely a swap shop of contacts, the inevitable sharing of connections with other members can lead to joint ventures and opportunities that may otherwise pass you by
  • Group coaching– it’s very much about the members helping each other, and not just the facilitator playing chair to a group session
  • A study class- the aim of the game is to share ideas and solutions and benefit from experience and successes.


So whether you work as lone wolf or pack hound, sticking to your plans and ticking off those goal steps is the only way to achieve. Sometimes being in a group of like minded individuals all striving to succeed can be the difference between failure and success.

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