This time of year can either make or break a person. Luckily in this era charity can begin at Christmas. Whether it’s homeless Charities like Shelter, Centerpoint and The Salvation Army there’s something about the festive season that brings out the best in people.

For the Charities though this time of year can be incredibly stressful. How can Charities ensure that those pounds keep rolling in, especially when demand at this time of year is more vital than normal. For the big Charities it’s a difficult challenge but for the smaller organisations it can be a mountain too high to climb!

The Biggest Hurdles

  • Awareness- In research conducted by TSB, 97% of British people couldn’t name a local Charity
  • Competition- The bigger, more well known Charities have a bigger voice. Over 50% of local Charities feel the squeeze from the big boys
  • Staffing Issues- Without skilled staff, raising money raises many difficulties:

Almost two thirds (61%) of charities said that the skills gap in their organisation meant an increasing workload for existing staff and volunteers. 43% of charities said they were increasingly unable to take on new work as a result

Goal Setting

Like any project, meeting, interview or exam, it’s all about the preparation and goal setting. When I set out to raise money for charity I never dreamed that it would escalate to the heights it did.  As the stats show:

In my spare time over six years I managed to raise over half a million pounds and smash four charities fundraising records in the process.


But I didn’t do this without a bit of help. The context of my book- Goal Setting For Charity Fundraisers explains a little bit of how I faced my demons and fundraised the heck out of, well- fundraising!

Massive Goals

The tips and techniques used in this book give both professional and volunteer charity fundraisers the skills, confidence and knowledge to set and achieve MASSIVE goals for themselves and their chosen good cause. Sometimes knocking on people’s doors, both figuratively and literally can feel like asking someone if they like your children- painful!

By reaching for those Massive goals with the proven steps, you can build resilience, self-esteem and confidence, all for your good cause.

And I’m Feeling Good

Charity can begin at Christmas and it’s the time of year when many of us reflect on our good fortune and throw thanks out to the universe in gratitude. Studies show that although the majority of us don’t know our local charities, if we did more than 50% of us WOULD donate to them. This time of year, probably more than any, you may see the bag packers, bucket shakers and charity money boxes all over your local area. So instead of adding to the donation bags of the larger organisations, why not donate to your local charity.

So whether you are Fundraising for the football team, dance school or the local library, it’s chest out shoulders back and project your most confident body language pose as you smile your biggest smile and in your best Noddy Holder voice shout “Charity begins at Christmas”…