How can Managers, CEO’s and leaders motivate their team? Let’s look at some ways of bonding your team for success. See how you can push the team with a call to action. Incorporate “MASSIVE GOALS” into the sessions and get the most out of your team’s performance.

Why Team Build?

For many employees the words “team-building event” strikes fear into their very core.

Team-building events are, ostensibly, designed to boost the cohesion of a team and increase communication, co-operation, and morale.

So say the experts!

Unfortunately, with team building when things go wrong, they really go wrong. Forget the worthwhile business goals, when someone you don’t know attempts to pass a grapefruit to you via their neck, it’s not always feelings of trust and simpatico that emerge.

Team Building Gone Wrong

We could be here all day if we listed all the horrendous events people have encountered, so here’s a few of my favourites:

  • To encourage a more harmonious workforce, one boss brought all her staff together to openly state what it was about other people they didn’t like. The result was lots of tears, plenty of raised voices and a workforce that positively hated each other afterwards.
  • A lovely day out interacting with horses, turned out to be a near death experience for a group of office workers. One of the horses got spooked, bolted towards the unsuspecting group, narrowly missing a couple of workers. The group certainly bonded, only because they all thought their ‘time was up’.
  • Spitting fizzy drinks into each other’s mouths- yep you read correctly. One person thought it would instil a real sense of trust and camaraderie. it didn’t work, as nearly everyone refused!man with look of disgust

Using the Massive Goal Principle

It’s interesting to see how goal setting can improve business performance, as much as individual performance. Using the massive goal principle during team building sets the bar high, but in a way that challenges the team to discover what they CAN DO, not what they can’t.

Through setting massive goals at the start of the activity, weekend, session or however the process prevails, attendees WILL gain better results and achieve way more than without the principle.

In my next post I will look at some of the more successful methods of team bonding, and you can bet there won’t be a fizzy drink in sight 🙂

Image by rawpixel from Pixabay

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay