There’s 6 days left of my Black Friday Bonanza sale on The MASSIVE Goal Principle. This is THE book to kickstart confidence. Confidence to go out into the world and get what YOU want, not what somebody else wants for you.

This course will help you learn the tricks and techniques that the top achievers in the world practise. They all follow the principle that small smart goals DON’T actually work.

By getting on board the MASSIVE GOAL train you will:

  • achieve more day to day
  • have the ability to plan your goals the way top achievers do
  • overcome the “give up” moments
  • know how to set up and run a “mastermind” peer group for success
  • think and behave like a top achiever

Successful meeting

Who is the MASSIVE GOAL principle for?

It is for those that have a deep desire and a personal WHY that’s so big it will catapult them onto the highest level of achievement.  We all know how important our purpose is and life becomes easier when we know why. Richtopia sum it up nicely:

Running a business can be challenging, so can managing a team. Both are made so much easier when the why is clear.

For those of us that have big fat hairy goals this course is tailor made for you. Proven in both the business world and education sector this process is second to none for results.

Who it’s not for is people who procrastinate and play safe the whole time.

What Does The Course Entail?

It’s a video course with 16 downloadable resources. The 1hour video is structured into 12 short, punchy and light hearted videos (5-13 minutes each) delivered by myself, the creator of the MASSIVE Goal principle. You will get an eBook full of supporting material showing how to use the process and including templates for you to play with.

What Kind Of Results Can I Get?

From my live presentations of this course I have had people tell me of amazing results including:

  • D grade to A* 100% in four months
  • Securing a top achiever as a mentor
  • Gaining the right support network, and understanding WHY they are the right fit
  • Overcoming crippling procrastination, and maintaining motivation levels

I realise for many of you the idea of reaching for the stars as opposed to heading for those attainable goals may seem foolish. With the MASSIVE Goal principle there are some ground rules. I’m not saying that by chanting your goals out loud 5 times a day, every day, whilst standing on your head facing East is going to grant huge successes.

The principle relies heavily on people putting in the work! Those clearly thought out steps that will take you to your goal need to be completed, and in the time frame that’s set out. There’s no room for shirking and certainly no space for excuses.

I believe 1 million percent in this principle and throughout the many years I have been speaking and writing about it, I am still thrilled when I see someone ‘get it’ too.

For anybody that’s either embarking on a business challenge, preparing for a huge project or has a change of life to conquer this course is for you.

We all need help at some point in our lives and anybody that tells you otherwise is naive or lying. Help yourself to help with this course and ‘go big’ or as I like to say, “Go Rhino”.

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